Mobile Number Tracker

Mobile Number Tracker by YourNAV can tell the registered location and operator of any mobile number in India.

(Only 10 digit numbers, without 0 or +91)

Total searches: 8,433

Disclaimer: We use first 4 digits of a number to "guess" the location, as per the data provided by Wikipedia. Location or operator name may not be accurate. Numbers are not strored in our server.

Did you lose your mobile or are you getting calls from an unknown number? Use this mobile tracker to get the location and operator name of that number. It won't display the owner name though. It can also tell if the signal is GSM or CMAA. Although it can trace numbers and operators from almost all Indian states but due to mobile number ortability and other services, these may not be accurate.

Mobile number tracker

How does this mobile number tracker work? You type the number into the textbox above and then it extracts the first 4 digits of the number and matches it against the codes in our database to provide results.