First meet with TomTom NavCore 7

Note: This artile is from the old version of this site and is published only for informational purposes.

This week, TomTom has announced a new version of it’s PND software. In this special, we'll give you a good first look on NavCore version 7.

TomTom chose the Cannes exhibition for the presentation of two new GO models, and a new version of their PND software. The GO 520 and 720 will ship next month, with NavCore version 7 installed. Finally another larger, new software release, with new functionality and expansions of existing features.


The most important novelty is TomTom MapShare.With this innovative technology, the user can make his own adjustments to the digital map on his PND. Changes in the driving directions, (temporary) road blocks or changes in the street names can be done by the motorist from now on, and the adjustments can be shared amongst all the users of the new software. As well as from MapShare, TomTom also developed new features with regards to safety and personalisation.

At first, only the owners of the new GO 520 or 720 will be able to use version 7 of the software. It’s expected that after the summer, users of other TomTom systems will also be able to take advantage of the NavCore 7 features. Depending on the hardware they use, TomTom users will be able to install the extra features onto their PND for free. In any case, TomTom MapShare will be usable on every TomTom PND, right up to the Classic and the ONE XL!


At this moment, we have no GO 520 or 720 review unit in our possession, but we are working on that! Still, there are a few things about NavCore version 7 we can already show you, because today we have received a number of screen dumps of this new software. At first, we wanted to make a selection, but decided against that. No, we thought: "why not let our users see all of them". And so here they are: 119 first looks of TomTom's new software. Enjoy!